Training course Toledo

The second meeting of the project was organized in Toledo, and was
participated by 26 participants from all the 7 country involved in the project. The meeting was implemented in 2 days, and conducted by external experts. During the first day, after a short revision of the objectives and activities of the projet, the experts presented in the depth the EU directives and policies on employment and employee involvement in company decision-making, while in the second part the attention was addressed in development of tools to influence the decision-making process and the active participation of companies in the railway sector. The participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the EU law and policies in the area of employee involvement and to develop mechanisms of strengthening transnational co-operation among workers’ and employers’ representatives in respect of employee involvement.

During the second day of the meeting was highlighted the importance of employee participation in the transport sector. Each participates organization presented the national legislation on employee participation in companies, and shared their experiences regarding positive and negative aspects of current employee engagement practices.