Study visit – Macedonia

The third meeting of the project was implemented in Skopje, Macedonia 12-13 February 2019. The meeting was participated from 24 person representing all the organization involved in the project. First day of the meeting was addressed to the discussion of EU directives and policies on employment and employee involvement in business decision-making; and Sharing experiences about positive and negative aspects of current employee engagement practices, in each Country. The second day the delegates went to visit the comapany: Makedonski Zeleznici- Transport A.D. as example of railway sector in candidate country to EU. A debate was opened on the promotion of appropriate mechanisms at national levels on the publication of EU laws and policies on labour participation of candidate states and EU Member States. A delegation of workers from the railway company illustrated the reality of Macedonia. After that delegates continued the meeting in the hotel in order to plan the further activities in the project and the promotional activities.