Final conference Rome

The Final event of the project, was implemented in Rome, Italy on 18/06/2019, and participanted by 26 persons. During the meeting made an evaluation of the work done with a presentation of the final publication. The expert and moderator of the day reviewed the meetings that had taken place before arriving at this last conference The debates have made it clear that it is an opportune moment for us to install in our society a praxis of business management that facilitates the participation of workers in thecompany. There are a multitude of formulas, cooperatives, social economy companies, companies that facilitate participation in the value generated by the organisation as a whole, workers’ participation in social capital, co-management, self-management, etc.

At the end of the meeting, all the delegations were thanked for their dedication to the project. One of the aims of these meetings was to analyse the different forms of worker participation in companies. All the articipants valued the meeting positively and work will be done to carry out new initiatives that can be of benefit to workers and companies. To this end, a final document was drawn up and signed by all the delegations.

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