Two of US will do it better and FAST! Employees and employers from the railway sector in joint action to strengthen the partnership and trust among each other during companies’ decision making process.

This project mainly connects the trade unions from the railway-transport sector in Europe which is an essential sector for having a well developed society. Thus, in order to have well developed, educated and active society, it is crucial to improve the knowledge and experience of the representatives of undertakings in this sector and to encourage them to be actively involved in employee participation. Hence, it is significant to inform them about the importance of the transfer of information about the employees’ inclusion.

In order to achieve the best possible results in companies’ decisions making and employee involvement, there must be two involved sides: the employers and employees. It is also crucial for well-developed social dialogue. Therefore, besides the 6 representative railway trade unions coming from different Europe countries (Estonia, Poland, Croatia, Italy, Serbia, and Macedonia), this project is joined by 3 employers’ organizations coming from Spain, Poland and Macedonia.

We strongly believe that only through gather communication and mutual understanding will be developed willing for collaboration and information that could result with the best effective mechanisms of strengthening transnational co-operation between workers’ and employers’ representatives in respect of employee involvement.

The specific objections of this project action are the following:

  • Developing tools for exercising the influence of companies’ decision making the process by information, consultation and active participation of the undertakings within the railway sector and comparing its functioning in the Member states and Candidate countries.
  • Sharing previous experience, know-how and good practices of different approaches of consultation and active participation of undertakings among EU and candidate countries and setting up a best model of employment involvement in companies’ decision-making process, especially in a period of economic changes (restructuring, relocation, take-over, and mergers).
  • Raising the awareness of both, employers and workers, about the EU law and set of Directives of employee involvement on a national and international level and the importance of information, consultation, and participation of employees within companies in such a crucial sector for each state economic wellbeing, as it is the railway sector.
  • Strengthening the transnational cooperation and connection among the railway trade unions around Europe and establishing a long-term partnership among themselves for supporting each other and achieving joint goals.
  • Sharing the achieved results with the members from the network of ALE (European Federation of Train Drivers) and strengthening the cooperation with non-ALE members. By the number of joint activities on national and international level among the project partners (kick-off meeting, training course, study visit, international seminar, raising awareness campaign, national workshops, conference, publishing publication and video) we envisage meeting the objectives of this Call for proposal.

The outputs of the project:

  • 5 international meetings within the project frame;
  • Raising awareness campaign with 7 national workshops of trade unionists from the railway – transport sector,
  • 1 workshop per country
  • 242 participants, representatives of partner’s organizations
  • Promotional materials (280 leaflets, 45 posters, 242 training sets of materials and 105 T-shirts).
  • 280 copies of Publication
  • 1 project web site. – 1 project video.

Duration of activities

Start: 29/12/2017

End: 28/06/2019